The PTG Principle: We accept responsibility.

As secure as Fort Knox.

Fort Knox stores almost all gold stocks of the United States, protected by a two-story building constructed of 495 cubic meters of granite, 1,168 cubic meters of concrete, and 750 tons of reinforced steel.

Even though here in the industrial park of Langen – which is, by the way, centrally located close to the Rhine Main highway network – things are a bit smaller, the diligence and accuracy in handling our clients’ products entrusted to our care are without parallel.

No matter if we package the products directly or just store them, each of our members of staff is aware of their particular responsibility in dealing with the highly sensitive products.

Moreover, our excellently trained guards provide 100 percent security day and night. And a sophisticated concept of several alarm systems provides 100 percent protection. After all, our clients’ stored products are as valuable to us as the treasures of gold are to Fort Knox. You can count on this – day and night.