The PTG Principle: We find a solution for everything.

A clear concept.

In order to operate successfully in the market, it has become more and more important for companies to outsource individual manufacturing steps.

We at PTG Lohnverpackung like to think of ourselves as a flexible partner for all areas of packaging management. Our special attention on highly motivated and highly qualified staff made us one of the largest service providers in Germany. Moreover, by founding PTG Consulting we are able to answer complex requirements with clear and cost-effective structures.

And we think of ourselves as a modern service provider in every sense.

Solely geared to supporting our clients in their actual core business.

Constant availability

  • You can reach us by phone from 6:00 am to 10 pm.

Absolute on-time delivery

  • We keep our promises to you.

A job is done when it’s finished. If this requires working on a Saturday, then we do it. We don’t argue about it. Because every single member of staff feels responsible. Yes, this still exists. And we are even a bit proud of it.

The PTG brochure in PDF-format.

PTG brochure Cover

The PTG booklet gives you a compact overview of the benefits and characteristics which distinguish us.

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